Durable House Construction for Refugee Community

Most of the refuges if not all have tents to live in where it is difficult and a battle to adapt with the fluctuating climatic and weather conditions. Moreover tents are not strong enough to shield the refugees from unforeseen risks of attack such as rapes/animal. Living in tents has also psychological effects as it is one reminder of their status. Therefore in addition to protection and comfort, it will guarantee a dignified way of living to the refugees.

SEE have been implementing shelter house construction for selected refugee households under the UNHCR program since 2013. The project was first launched as a pilot and included only 50 selected refugee households from shedder and Awbare refugee camps. The successful implementation of the project and the life changing experience as expressed by the beneficiariesencouraged UNHCR to scale up the no of shelter houses constructed each year and reached to 100 households by 2015. For the construction of these shelter houses, all the required construction materials are distributed to the respective beneficiary households while the household contribute family labor. From 2013 up now Save the Environment Ethiopia able to construct more than 301 shelter houses and hand over to the beneficiaries in Awebare and Sheder refugee camps.

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